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Simi Belo was compelled to invent the 'U-part wig' concept in 2003. You name it, weaves, wigs, braids, and all manner of hair extensions had been her crowning glory for over 25 years, but none of them ticked all the boxes. All she was after was something that she could use and maintain at home herself, i.e. quick to wear and remove, and easy to manage. It had to look great, all the time, but with the aforementioned minimal effort. But it could not damage her own natural hair and destroy her scalp. She liked to change her look often so it couldn’t cost an arm and a leg either. And, last but not least, IT HAD TO LOOK REAL!!!  


Too much to ask? Apparently so! The products that looked real (like weaves, bonding, braids) took ages to apply (assuming that is, that you could apply them yourself at home), and, cost a bomb. Not to mention the damage they caused. And the ones that were quick and easy to use (namely wigs), looked fake! As the wig brands piled on more hair, skin-coloured plastic scalps, hair bands, etc., in their desperation to deliver realism, Simi decided to take matters into her own hands and cut out a piece of hair and wig cap from the front of an old wig, creating a ‘U’-shaped gap in the hairline in the process…...and the revolutionary U part wig concept was born! 


So, the SimiWeave™ U part wig looks like a wig that someone has literally taken a bite out of, at the front. That ‘bite’ or gap is Simi's simple but well-observed award winning and patented design. It allows you to bring out your own hair, and create an authentic parting in your hairstyle. This shows off your real scalp and roots, so the hair appears to be growing out of your head. The result: unbelievably realistic, quick and stunning styles that you achieved yourself at home!

We've put our online shop on hold while we evolve our plans - contact us if you have any questions.

u part wigs
            Left                                                                                            Centre                                                                                                 Right 60 seconds!

Lightweight + low volume = extremely comfortable, realistic head of hair!  

Easy to blend: only a tiny bit of your own hair needed at the front (about the size of two fingers, that's all)! 

An amazing illusion: looks real even if hair type and colour not a perfect match (as shown)!

Watch Chris Rock's 2009 'Good Hair' film for a hilarious reality check of all the time consuming, damaging and expensive products out there!
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